Welcome to SuccessMaker

  • SuccessMaker is an award-winning educational software program that delivers supplemental instruction in Reading and Mathematics. SuccessMaker provides students with individualized instruction, helpful tools, and targeted practice. SuccessMaker can be used at home on many desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.

    Your student’s teacher will communicate any assignments.

    As you begin working, consider watching the SuccessMaker student orientation video:

    SuccessMaker is an adaptive curriculum that asks questions based on student responses. A supportive environment is one where students can work quietly for their 15-20 minute session. Please refrain from helping your student. Instead, we suggest encouraging students to listen to their character or cognitive coach embedded within the program and to try their best! Reassure them it is okay to get some problems incorrect; this will help SuccessMaker understand where they need some extra practice.

    Your student’s workstation needs:

    ➔ A steady internet connection (Minimum Connection Speed: 1.5 Mb/second)
    ➔ Speakers or headphones
    ➔ A browser capable of launching SuccessMaker (Test your browser at http://browserinfo.smhost.net)
    ➔ Some scratch paper when working in SuccessMaker Math

    When your student finishes his or her session, the session data will appear. Since students are working in their learning zone, we expect their percentage to hover between 65% and 80% at the end of each session.

    We look forward to seeing your student succeed and grow while using SuccessMaker Math or Reading.

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