• Professional development hours will be tracked in STRIVE. If the session is not offered by the district, it must be pre-approved by the teacher’s T-TESS appraiser or the campus principal. Once the session has been completed; the teacher is responsible for submitting the professional development in STRIVE and including a certification of completion to document credit has been earned. The campus principal or designee will approve the credit within STRIVE, which will then appear in the teacher’s transcript. Professional development hours will be calculated from June 1st to May 31st of each school year.

    What Qualifies for TIA Professional Development Credit?

    • KISD district provided professional development that is related to the teacher’s current grade level, content area, or assignment.
    • Campus provided professional development that occurs during designated professional development days or after school sessions.
    • TEA and Educational Service Center provided professional development.
    • Outside professional development credit including, workshops, seminars, conferences, interactive distance learning, and online activities that provide documentation of completion and specifies hours of credit and has been approved by the campus principal or designee.


    (Keep in mind, that PD hours are based on seat time, not CPE. As such, an online course may award 3 CPE hours, but only be awarded 1 hour of credit, if that is all the time it took to complete the learning.)

    What Does NOT Qualify for TIA Professional Development Credit?

    While some of the following may be used toward CPE hours for certification renewal via TEA, they will not count toward TIA professional development hours, specifically:

    • KISD district required annual professional development, such as Blood Borne Pathogens, etc.
    • Undergraduate and graduate coursework through an accredited college.
    • Independent study (included book study)