Multidisciplinary Studies

  • Multidisciplinary Studies Foundation High School Endorsement

    The Multi-Disciplinary endorsement is an educational pathway to potential career opportunities linked to the arts and humanities. This pathway provides a glimpse into several specific occupations by providing labor market information and projections for each one, while also pointing the student to career exploration resources that can help them discover additional careers and labor market data for jobs associated with the Multi-Disciplinary endorsement.

      Multidisciplinary Endorsement


        Students collaborating

        The Multidisciplinary endorsement is a flexible endorsement allowing students to explore a variety of elective courses in high school. There are two multidisciplinary programs of study in Killeen ISD:

        Multidisciplinary Core – Students are required to successfully earn credits each in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science; including English IV, Chemistry and/or Physics.

        Multidisciplinary Advanced – Students are required to successfully earn 4 credits in Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit from English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Languages other than English (LOTE) or Fine Arts.