Learning Management Platforms

  • Killeen ISD provides two robust learning management systems to maximize learning. PreK - 2nd grade students have access to Seesaw, and 3rd - 12th graders have access to Schoology. Free online training is available to students, teachers and parents. Please feel free to email InstructionalTechnology@killeenisd.org for additional Information.


  • Each of the elementary libraries have a selection of items to establish a Makerspace allowing for hands-on learning. These spaces include 3D printers, paper circuitry, simple electronics, LEGO, robotics and more. Talk to your campus librarian to find out how your student can take part in this innovative learning.

Battle of the Books

  • Several elementary school campus librarians have received yearly grants to engage in district-wide Battle of the Books. Teams of up to 5 students per campus compete by answering questions based on up to 20 books. Elementary students, grades third through fifth, answer questions from the previous year's Bluebonnet Reading List, while middle school students compete based on the Lone Star Reading List, also of the previous year.

Digital Wellness

  • Killeen ISD promotes digital wellness across all grade levels for both staff and students. It is important to know how to be good digital citizens, making smart choices online, not engaging in cyberbullying, knowing how to determine quality and factual information, finding and using resources without breaking copyright, and being aware of the dangers of social media.

Drone Clubs

  • Killeen ISD Learning Services provided drones to every elementary and middle school campus to use in after-school clubs. With cutting-edge technology, we are able to promote STEM learning and potentially open doors to future career interests!


  • Killeen ISD provides a free, fun summer learning opportunity for students in grades 1-8 in conjunction with campus libraries. Dates, times, and locations vary each summer. Be on the lookout for more information, coming 2022.