• This website seeks to assist parents with resources for supporting Mental Health Awareness.  Approximately one in six school-aged youth experiences impairments in life functioning, including impacts on academic achievement due to mental illness.  The number of students experiencing mental illness increases as young people grow older.  The earlier mental health concerns are detected and addressed, the more likely a student is to avoid the onset and/or progression of mental illness.  Often, signs of deteriorating mental health are noticeable well before a mental illness emerges.



Guide to Mental Health - Elementary

6th & 9th grades​

      Trauma-Informed Care and Mental Wellness Awareness


      Telehealth Services

      • Telehealth Services

        Youth Aware of Mental Health is an additional resource offered to secondary campuses for grades 8th– 10th by Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine.  Parents/guardians will have an opportunity to consent before this program is offered to your student. Please see flyer  for more information.

        Telehealth Services are now available on all of our KISD campuses. Please contact the school counselor if you are interested. 


        Click the link to the flyer and watch the video for more Information.