Homeschooling in Texas

  • Each KISD High School has an Attendance Office on-site.
    Process for homeschooling:
    1. Inform your child's current KISD school in writing of your intention to home-school your student (child). Please complete the Homeschool affidavit.  Remember to keep a copy for your records.
    2. Obtain information about which home school program is right for you and your student (child). While you are evaluating programs, please have your student (child) continue to attend his or her KISD school.
    3. When you have selected a home school program that meets your needs, please visit the guidance office at your child's current campus. At this point, you will sign a withdrawal form and a homeschool affidavit. Please select a date for your child's last day on campus. Your student's last day will allow him/her an opportunity to clear the library, clinic, and lunchroom accounts.  Please ensure that your student’s attendance is correct prior to withdrawal.
    4. If you decide to return your student to a KISD school, then your student may be asked to take a standardized placement test to determine grade placement at KISD.
    5. If you enter the district from an unaccredited high school/program, you will be required to take a credit by exam for every course and pass with a 70% or higher in order to receive course credit. 
    6. Per district policy, high school course credit earned from accredited programs may be awarded but only after being reviewed by the district.

    The following link to the Texas Educational Agency is provided as a reference for parents considering homeschooling their student(s).

    Click Here to View the KISD Homeschool Affidavit

  • Please contact your student’s school with your intention of withdrawing your student (child) from Killeen ISD.

    Elementary and Middle School Attendance Office:
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