Committed to Social-Emotional Well-Being

  • The goal of KISD counselors is to help students develop academic, career, and social-emotional abilities.  Preventive methods and interventions are used to ensure the well-being of each student.  

    The heart of the program includes a guidance curriculum, responsive service, individual planning, and system support. 

    The district has a Crisis Intervention Team which consists of district-level school counselors who are deployed to campuses as needed. 

    Killeen ISD recognizes that maintaining mental wellness and healthy social relationships are directly correlated with Social-Emotional Learning. 

    The vision of the KISD self-care committee is to decrease the stigma attached to mental health and increase awareness to social-emotional health and well-being by providing employees, parents, and students access to resources and additional support. 

    Click the link below to learn more and to view the available resources.