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    Happy Birthday Melvil Dewey

    Melvil Dewey was born on December 10, 1851.  In 1876, Dewey established the most widely used library classification system.  The Dewey Decimal Classification System divides books into 10 main categories.  The numerical system arranges mainly non-fiction material.  The Dewey Decimal System is used in 135 countries around the world and is translated into 30 different languages.        


    "Our great function is to inform or to inspire, or to please; to give to the public in the quickest and cheapest way information, inspiration, and recreation on the highest plane. If a better way than the books is found we should use it." Melvil Dewey

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Book List

  • The Last Boy and Girl in the World

    by Siobhan Vivian Year Published: 2016

    With their town sliding underwater and everyone being ordered to leave, Keeley and her friends gather to make the most of every minute they have left together, prompting Keeley to take a final chance at winning over a longtime crush.

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  • Dorothy Must Die

    by Danielle Paige Year Published: 2015

    Whisked to Oz by another Kansas twister, Amy Gumm discovers that the magical land has been systematically destroyed by Dorothy's tyrannical rule, a situation that compels Amy to join the Revolutionary Order of deposed magic-wielders who want to put an end to Dorothy's oppressive reign.  

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  • SPIN

    by Lamar Giles Year Published: 2019 Mystery

    When DJ ParSec (Paris Secord), rising star of the local music scene, is found dead over her turntables, the two girls who found her, Kya (her pre-fame best friend) and Fuse (her current chief groupie) are torn between grief for Paris and hatred for each other--but when the lack of obvious suspects stalls the investigation, and the police seem to lose interest, despite pressure from social media and ParSec's loyal fans, the two girls unite, determined to find out who murdered their friend.

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