Welcome to the Counselors’ Den!

    Our goal in the counseling office is to promote and enhance the learning process for all scholars. Scholars should participate fully in the educational process and learn to self-advocate. We, as counselors, are here to facilitate and maintain a collaborative effort between scholars, parents, and educators to create an environment that encourages student achievement.

    Should your scholar struggle in any area of academic, career, or personal/social development, please do not hesitate to contact us; we have a wealth of resources available.

     Fort Hood Campus:

    Vacant- Counselors’ Secretary 254-336-0280

    Cherie Bostick- 9th Grade Counselor Cherie.Bostick@killeenisd.org

    Maria Woods- 10th Grade Counselor maria.woods@killeenisd.org


    CTC Campus:

    Diedra Gray- Registrar’s Secretary 254-616-3450

    Rebecca Stanforth- 11th Grade Counselor  Rebecca.Stanforth@killeenisd.org

    David Leitsch- 12th Grade Counselor/Registrar David.Leitsch@killeenisd.org