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  • ECHS 10 Days of Kindness

    December 10th the 1st day: Hold the Door for Someone

    December 11th the 2nd day: Give Someone a Compliment

    December 12th the 3rd day: High Five a Lion

    December 13th the 4th day: Smile and Wave to a Stranger

    December 14th the 5th day: Introduce Yourself to Someone of the Opposite Grade

    December 17th the 6th day: Reach Out to Your Study Buddy and Study for Midterms

    December 18th the 7th day: Write a Thank You Note to a Friend

    December 19 the 8th day: Pick up Someones Lunch Tray

    December 20th the 9th day: Give Someone a Positive Shoutout on Social Media

    December 21st the 10th day: Thank a Staff Member 


    10 Day of Kindness

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