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     Teacher of the Year

    K. Lankford

         There is nothing more rewarding and powerful for an educator then the building of relationships that allow for the transformation of a student’s life. As educators, we are not just ensuring that our students know we are invested in them but instead are laying the foundations of an empire of success. Our students need to know that we care about them and when they know we care, ordinary students start daring to dream extraordinary things. These extraordinary dreams show that all children are just one step away from a success story.

         To build these everlasting relationships, an educator must implement effective communication and trust. Effective communication is not defined by the generic conversation, but by the response each student provides. Sometimes, their greatest adventure in learning is through thoughtful and respectful conversations.

        They need to know that the struggles they are having today are developing into the strength they will need for their future. We must set the standard that it’s ok to make mistakes and not be perfect, because it’s these mistakes that allow them to grow and blossom into empowering individuals. Our focus should never be on the mistakes, but in the process that our students show to correct them. They may not be where we want them yet, but they are closer than they were before.

       Teachers do not make great leaders because of an element of power, but because of their abilities to empower others. The enthusiasm that a teacher can possess has the capability to pull the switch for a student’s motivation. It’s a beautiful picture when a career and a passion come together. 


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