ART In this full year elective in visual art, students will learn to illustrate themes from direct observation and personal experience, analyze and form generalizations about the interdependence of art elements: color, texture, form, line, space and value. Students will develop technical skill using a variety of art media and materials: drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, fiber art, photo imagery and electronic media.

    BAND Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of music and playing techniques for brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. All band students participate in several concerts each year. Students must provide their own instruments in most cases. All band students are required to attend after school rehearsal two times per week. Students are expected to take home their instruments for daily practice. All students must audition after enrolling into Band. Once the audition process is finished, the students will be given information concerning the price of renting an instrument and where the instrument can be purchased or rented. We do have some instruments at Patterson - a student can sign-out for the school year. The student and parent/guardian are responsible for any damages to the instrument. Contact Mr. Bryan for more information at: 254-336-7118 or Arthur.Bryan@Killeenisd.org.
    No student will be denied the opportunity because they cannot afford an instrument. We do not have: trumpets, Bb clarinets, flutes or bell kits (drums). We do not teach any string instruments. Again, daily practice is a requirement.

    CHOIR In Choir, students learn basic singing skills, sing in public concerts at school, and explore choral music using games and other special activities. Students will be required to purchase a white long-sleeved oxford button collared shirt. Girls must have a black skirt and socks/or pantyhose (black or flesh-toned); black dress shoes are required for both boys and girls. Participation in district approved band concerts is part of the student’s grade.

    THEATRE ARTS In this full year elective in theatre arts, students will develop concept of self, human relationships and environment using elements of drama and conventions of theatre. The will learn to develop characters, expand body awareness, respond to sound/music/images and written word using movement. They will express emotions and ideas, imitate life in dramatic play and create environments.

    An academic elective class based on writing as a tool for learning using the inquiry method, and collaborative grouping. The three main components for the program are academic instruction, tutorial support, and motivational activities. The AVID committee must approve the student’s application and essay. You must qualify for at least one Pre-AP class; the AVID program prefers that you sign up for two Pre-AP classes.
    If you have any questions, please call the AVID coordinator at (254)336-7100.

    This course will be scheduled after the student is selected for the program based on review of application, test scores, interviews and committee approval. AVID will replace the Reading/Spanish combination.