• Students who miss school (full day or partial day) are REQUIRED, upon their return, to turn in a note from their parent/guardian or professional office explaining the absence. Please include your child’s name, grade, date(s) of absence and reason for absence. Please submit notes to the ATTENDANCE office. You may also e-mail our attendance secretary at:


    Medical, dental, or legal appointments - In cases of appointments, notes from the health care or legal professionals (doctor, dentist, attorney, probation officer, judge, etc.) are required for an absence to be excused.

    Parent Notes: There is a ten (10) parent note limit per school year. A parent can excuse their child due to illness in lieu of a doctor’s note. However, once that limit has been reached, a doctor’s note will be required.

    Unexcused Absences: states that absences with parental knowledge for reasons such as missing the bus, shopping, baby-sitting, visiting relatives, vacations, moving, extended holidays, car trouble, and oversleeping is documented as UNEXCUSED.

    Truancy: A student who is absent without acceptable written documentation from school, or from any class during the school day will be considered truant and subject to disciplinary and/or court action.

    Automated Attendance Calls:

    Killeen ISD has implemented an automated attendance call. If your child is marked absence for any period(s) of the day, you will receive a call in the morning and a call in the evening. If you believe that you received the call in error please refer to the attendance inquiry process.

    Attendance Inquiries:
    If you believe your child was marked absent in error for a specific period, please contact the teacher that marked him/her absent. Teacher e-mails can be found on our campus webpage or thru Home Access. If your student was marked absent due to ISS, OSS, testing or a field trip, the absence will be correct within 3 business days.