• Parent access in Schoology is now live! Parents can now create accounts in Schoology and access their own student’s assignments, discussions, and submissions without seeing any other student’s data.


    What parents can see for their student only:

    • Activities
    • Courses
    • Calendars
    • Groups
    • Updates


    What parents can’t see with their Schoology accounts:

    (You will need to use Home Access)

    • Attendance
    • Standardized test scores
    • Class rankings
    • Grades (the assignments and submissions can be seen, but they must use Home Access Center to view the grade received)
    • Averages


    Parents will not actually be a part of the students’ courses and groups, but can only view their own student’s activity in those groups, as well as what instructors have posted. Parents cannot post to courses or groups, nor message other parents or students.

    To get access to your Student's course please email their teacher and they will take the necessary steps to get you enrolled.

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