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Killeen Bus Driver Going to State Contest

Driver Tina Sutton is competing at state "roadeo"
By: Todd Martin
A Killeen ISD bus driver is competing this weekend for a state championship.
For the seven years that Tina Sutton has driven a bus – two years in Alaska and five years in Killeen – she has heard about the “roadeo” and thought it sounded fun.
She decided to give it a go this year and competed at the district level to get some practice and be ready to drive to win next year.
As it turned out, Sutton finished in second place, qualifying her for the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation School Bus Safety Roadeo.
Her KISD colleague and fellow competitor, Sean Smith finished in third place, narrowly missing qualifying.
“Since I heard about it, I’ve wanted to try,” Sutton said Thursday. “This year, I was going to try in hopes of winning next year.”
No one was more surprised than the five-year KISD driver when she heard her name announced as a state qualifier. “I was in shock,” she said. “I wondered if they had the right name.”
The bus safety competition is composed of written tests about pre-trip procedures and general knowledge of driving, as well as an extensive driving test that simulates the kind of challenges drivers face on the streets.
Participants have to parallel park, back up in a straight line and maneuver through a course without toppling cones. Another challenge requires drivers to move between rows of tennis balls.
Drivers also demonstrate student pick-up procedures and a railroad crossing check.
Each portion of the event contains points that competitors earn.
“I think it’s improved my driving a lot,” said Sutton. “It makes you focus more.”
Though she didn’t expect to qualify for state in her first attempt, she is more than happy to give it her all at the upcoming event in Mansfield.
“I don’t want to disappoint everyone,” she said. “Everyone has been nice and says there is no pressure, just do your best. Me overcoming myself is the most challenging part.”
“I’m going to have fun with it,” she said, “but I do have every intention of winning.”
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