Killeen ISD Celebrates 2024 Retiring Employees

James Bilberry 41 years of serviceAs another school year closes out, a group of longtime, committed Killeen ISD employees are closing out a career.


Using the imagery of athletes receiving a medal, Superintendent Jo Ann Fey invited 53 new KISD retirees to embrace their “podium experience.”


Combined, the honored employees are retiring with 1,331 years of education experience.


Like a runner – long distance, of course – stepping onto the medal stand, Fey urged retirees to recall where they have been and also where they are going.


“I hope and pray for you that the thing you remember is the challenge, the purpose, the relationships, the struggles, what you do matters and will continue to matter to those kids as they go through our system and into the world.”


Sticking with the metaphor to close out the district’s annual retiree banquet Wednesday, she reminded them that you retire into something of value and importance.


A wide array of teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators lined up on one side of the Killeen Civic and Conference Center ballroom and stepped individually to the center to receive a plaque.


Each received congratulations from board members and from Fey.


“You never retire to nothing,” said Fey. “You retire to something else. Retire to something that gives you joy.”


In her own education career, the superintendent said she has not seen a school district retiree who did not miss something about their time serving students.

Carol Sewell 39 years

“It’s never meetings, paperwork, taking attendance, challenging parents, it’s always about the kids,” she said. “Here’s to you and all your new beginnings.”


Honored retirees include the following:


Kimberly Babb Pershing Park Elementary assistant principal 22 years

Maria Bertelin Haynes Elementary crossing guard three years

James Bilberry Carney Elementary social and emotional specialist 41 years

Sondra Campbell Haynes Elementary campus instructional specialist 36 years

Dina D’Amore Reeces Creek Elementary librarian 33 years

Christy Douglass Killeen High teacher 28 years

Paul Duerre Facilities Services environmental specialist 36 years

Janice Dulaney Union Grove Middle School teacher 34 years

Edward English Harker Heights High School teacher six years

Kelly Fife Nolan Middle School teacher 24 years

Julie Fife Nolan Middle School teacher 27 years

Marcey Gaitan Fowler Elementary teacher 26 years

Toni Gilyard Timber Ridge Elementary teacher 20 years

Antje Gohdes Fowler Elementary teacher 23 years

Douglas Harler Harker Heights High teacher 20 years

Stephen Harris Live Oak Ridge teacher 23 years

Anita Hernandez Killeen Elementary teacher 20 years

Janie Hinkson Haynes Elementary teacher 22 years

Joyce Hodson Education Foundation director 30 years

Laura Holz Clear Creek Elementary librarian 29 years

Steve Johnson Reeces Creek Elementary teacher nine years

Sylvia Jones Killeen Elementary special education aide 32 yearsDina D’Amore 33 years of service

Tami Kraft Ellison High teacher 32 years

Sylvia Lantis Clifton Park Elementary secretary 29 years

Ceola Larry Community Relations secretary nine years

Benita Love Clifton Park Elementary teacher 15 years

Connie Low Smith Middle School teacher 34 years

Lisa McGhee Union Grove Middle School teacher 29 years

Donna Milton Facilities Services secretary 29 years

Angela Morales Nolan Middle School teacher 25 years

Clara Patino Mountain View Elementary teacher 26 years

Barbara Perez Douse Elementary aide 25 years

Pamela Pierce Ellison High secretary 19 years

Jacqueline Pilkey Director of Special Education 32 years

Amanda Polson Timber Ridge Elementary teacher 13 years

Melinda Pounds-Bain Saegert Elementary teacher 14 years

Tina Quinn Chaparral High teacher 29 years

Carol Sewell Nolanville Elementary counselor 39 years

Paula Simpson Clifton Park Elementary nurse 22 years

Wayne Spears Early College High School teacher 17 years

Lillian Spencer Union Grove Middle School teacher 34 years

Richard Chamberlain Liberty Hill Middle School teacher 22 years

Maria Hernandez-Sanchez Shoemaker High teacher 18 years

Cassandra King Reeces Creek Elementary teacher 20 years

Sarah Salter Early College High School teacher 25 years

Patricia Sutton Gateway High School teacher 20 years

Ame Campbell Smith Middle School teacher 14 years

Tracey Delgado Human Resources technician 27 years

Angelo Cotto, Jr. Clear Creek Elementary aide 22 years

Carolyn McCutchen Clear Creek Elementary teacher 33 years

Patricia Johnson Maude Wood Elementary nutrition manager 31 years

Labecca Thompson Mountain View Elementary principal 38 years

Diana Vance Career Center receptionist 45 years