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    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

    I am honored to be back home and serving as the principal of the best high school in the Killeen Independent School District. You are now a proud member of the Killeen High School family. For over 100 years, our students have established a “Tradition of Excellence” and have distinguished themselves in all endeavors including professional, military, and public service.

    KHS has a dedicated and talented staff that works as a team to meet the individual needs of our students and provide educational opportunities that will maximize their potential. Killeen High School offers a wide range of challenging academic coursework and a variety of extracurricular activities for all students. We challenge you to make academics your primary focus and dedicate yourself to your studies. We also encourage you to become involved in the social aspects of high school and participate in athletics, fine arts, JROTC, clubs, and dances, which will help make the most of your high school years.

    One of our greatest strengths is the pride and support from our community and our parents/guardians, who are critical contributors to the success of our students. I welcome your involvement as we work to provide the best possible education to our students and encourage you to contact me with your ideas, suggestions, and concerns. Our main number is 254-336-7208. There is also a district information handbook online and computer access is available in the Killeen High School library during normal school hours.

    Every student on the campus will receive a condensed version of the Parent/Student/Guardian Handbook during the first few days of school. This is intended to serve as a convenient reference, and we encourage you to review it as safety is our number one concern. The KISD Student Code of Conduct may be found online at www.killeenisd.org under Students and Parent Link.

    We appreciate your support and look forward to an awesome year! Go ROOS!


    Kara Trevino

    Killeen High School Mission Statement:

    For more than a century, Killeen High School has committed itself to academic excellence. We pledge ourselves to the continuation of the tradition of excellence in which all students, with the support of family, school, and community, prepare for successful and productive lives.  Roo pride is justified!


    Killeen High School will become a high performing, student centered school, highly regarded for academic excellence, where all students make progress each year and are empowered and inspired to reach their full academic, emotional, and physical potential.






    School Pride


    Kara Trevino                       Principal

    Christina Harris                   Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Nino Etienne                       Assistant Principal

    Michelle Greene                  Assistant Principal

    June James                        Assistant Principal

    Lance Malburg                    Assistant Principal

    Mathew Widacki                 Assistant Principal

    Kristin Searcy                    Coordinator of Student Activities

    Tania Ware                        Campus Instructional Specialist


    Jason Mallory                                                              Registrar

    Cynthia Bartek                                                            Counselor

    Robert Lynn Crafton                                                     Counselor 

    Donna Fritsche                                                             Counselor 

    Shelley Juarez                                                              Counselor

    Amanda Ghulin                                                             Counselor

    Esperanza Traino                                                          Counselor 


    Debra Morton                                                                IB Coordinator                       

    Melissa Gonzales                                                            AVID Specialist

    Bernard Ray                                                                  Attendance Officer

    Jacquelyn Bellard-Mouton                                               Special Education Coordinator


    President                                                         Gabrielle Clemente

    Vice President                                                  Madeleine Jones

    Recording Secretary                                         Jordan Lucena

    Corresponding Secretary                                  Lindsey Smith

    Treasurer                                                        Armando Cruz

    Historian                                                         Audrianna Knox

    Director of Communications                            Deja Board                   

    Sponsor                                                        Travis Waltz / Jennifer Larkin


    Report cards or progress reports with each student’s grades and absences in each class or subject are issued to parents at least once every 3 weeks. If the student receives a grade lower than 70 in any class or subject during a grading period, the parent is encouraged to schedule a conference with the teacher of that class or subject. Teachers follow grading guidelines approved by the Principal/Superintendent that have been designed to reflect each student’s academic achievement for the grading period, semester, or course.  State law provides that a test or course grade issued by a teacher cannot be changed unless the Board determines that the grade was arbitrary or contains an error, or that the teacher did not follow the District’s grading policy.

    Questions about grade calculation should first be discussed with the teacher; if the question is not resolved, the student or parent may request a conference with the supervisor of the teacher or the Curriculum Director. Parents/guardians have access to their student’s grades on Home Access Center.  Please contact 336-7211 if you have any questions about the online grade access.

    Tutoring is available all year in our homework center, Monday through Thursday before and after school.  For information, please call the curriculum office at 336-7214.


    It is very important for the school to have current home, work, and emergency telephone numbers.  These numbers are necessary in case a child becomes ill, is injured, or any other emergency occurs during the day.  We also use the Connect Ed call out system to distribute important school information. If these phone numbers change during the year, parents should contact the school immediately so that their child’s emergency information may be updated.  Students may be released only to those listed on the registration card.


    Because class time is important, doctor’s appointments should be scheduled, if possible, at times when the student will not miss instructional time.

    A student will not be released from school at times other than at the end of the school day except with permission from the Principal or designee and according to the campus sign-out procedures.  Unless the Principal or Superintendent has granted approval because of extenuating circumstances, a student will not regularly be released before the end of the instructional day.

    A student who will need to leave school during the day must bring a note from his or her parent that morning.  A student who becomes ill during the school day should, with the teacher’s permission, report to the school nurse.  The nurse will decide whether or not the student should be sent home and will notify the student’s parent.  Students signed out during the day still need to bring a note for the absence to become excused.


    For registration you need the following:  birth certificate, social security card, shot records, copy of credits earned, and proof of residence.  Proof of residence is one of the following items dated within the last 30 days: a water, cable, or light bill, lease or mortgage contract, which need to be in the parent or guardian’s name.  We cannot accept disconnect notices as proof of residency. We can also accept a notarized KISD proof of residence form along with proper documentation.  If you are not the legal parent, a special application must accompany the registration paperwork and be approved prior to registration.

    For a change of address, you need to provide proof of residence in the parent or guardian name as listed in the paragraph above.


    A student under 18 may be withdrawn from school only by a parent/guardian. A student who is 18 or older, who is married, or who has been declared by a court to be an emancipated minor may withdraw without parental signature. 

    The parent should notify the school at least two days in advance so that documents may be prepared. Prior to the student’s last day, the student needs to turn in all books, any school-issued supplies (including calculators), uniforms, and school ID.  Please return these items to the Registrar’s office.  The parent/guardian will need to come in and sign the withdrawal form.


    Students must have parent signature form on file and request transcripts via Parchment.com, SENDedu, or common application. All FINAL transcripts must be requested through Parchment.com.  Transcripts for scholarships may be requested in the registrar’s office.  Official transcripts must be sent directly to the authorized requesting institution and not hand-carried by the student or parent.  If you have any questions please contact the registrar’s office at 254-336-7209.  Please allow 48 hours for the processing of transcripts.


    After the ninth grade, students are classified according to the number of credits earned toward graduation. Classification is determined at the beginning of the school year (as of the first day of school).

    Credits Earned            Classification

    6-11.5                          Grade 10 (Sophomore)

    12-16.5                        Grade 11 (Junior)

    17                               Grade 12 (Senior)


    State-approved textbooks are provided free of charge for each subject or class.  Students are responsible for checking out and returning textbooks to the book room, or to the registrar’s office if the student is withdrawing.  The KHS book room is located near the intersection of the 300 and 400 hallways.  The book room will be open regularly according to a schedule approved and published by the textbook administrator.  Any student failing to return a book issued by the school loses the right to free textbooks until such time as the book is returned or paid for by the student/parent.  Additionally, any damage to textbooks will result in a fine being issued.  Fines must be cleared through the cashier before new/additional textbooks will be issued.  By state law, schools have the right to deny the assignment of textbooks to students until all previous textbook records have been cleared.  Damaging a barcode label (number can still be identified) will result in a $5 fine to cover the cost of replacing the label(s).  Removal of the barcode or damage beyond recognition results in the book being designated as lost and the student will be responsible for paying the full price of the textbook.  Textbook fines can also prevent students from participating in school functions such as dances, prom, or graduation. 

    DISTRICT TEXTBOOK POLICY:  Students must return textbooks to their campus on the last day of school or no later than the 2nd Thursday in June.  Property management will not accept textbooks from students after this date. Students may receive a refund of lost textbook up to the 2nd Thursday in June. After that date refunds will not be processed.                                   


    Regular school attendance is essential for the student to make the most of his or her education—to benefit from teacher-led activities, to build each day’s learning on that of the previous day, and to grow as an individual.  Absences from class may result in serious disruption of a student’s mastery of subject matter and concepts; therefore, the student and parent should make every effort to avoid unnecessary absences.

    If you have questions about our attendance policies, please feel free to contact the KHS Attendance Office at 336-7204, 336-7205 or 336-7206 at any time. We are here to assist you, while assuring that your student attends school in accordance with both KISD and Texas rules.


    Bernard Ray   ....................   Attendance Officer

    Vicky Erazo......................   Attendance Secretary

    Jennifer Moody-Luttmer..............  Attendance Secretary


    Students are required to attend school 179 days during a school year.  Absences will be monitored and parents will be notified regularly concerning absences.  Communication may be via telephone, regular mail and email. If your student will be absent from school you may call the morning of the absence to notify us of the absence.

    Parents may personally excuse a student from attending school no more than three (3) times during each nine week period. Students may present medical notes for absences at any time.  However, medical absences are subject to verification of authenticity.

    Failure to present notes means that the absence will be recorded as an unexcused absence. If your child has a serious or recurring medical problem which may lead to excessive absences, it is recommended that the parent bring a letter from the student’s physician which includes a diagnosis and any symptoms which may causes excessive  absences.  A copy of the letter will be kept in the Attendance Office as well as the school clinic. However, parents must provide a written note stating that the student was absent for the reasons stated in the letter provided by the physician.


    Parents will be notified by mail when their student fails to attend school without excuse for 3 or more days (or parts of days) within a 4-week period. A second letter will be sent if the student fails to attend school on 10 or more days (or parts of days) within a 6-month period in the same year. State law provides that when the student reaches ten (10) total unexcused absences a Final Warning Notice will be sent to the parent. If there is no response, a court case will be filed with the local Justice of the Peace against the student and his/her parent which can result in a monetary fine.

    Students who are not in their assigned classes may be declared truant by the Attendance Officer.  His/her parent will be notified immediately. The consequences for truancy include the following:

                  1st Truancy................Saturday SAC

                  2nd Truancy................Saturday SAC

                  3rd Truancy................1 day TOR

                  4th Truancy................3 days ISS

    Students declared truant will be placed on the Attendance Office sign-in program for a one week period. Failure to sign in as assigned will result in a discipline referral for insubordination.  Excessive discipline referrals may result in a student being re-assigned to the KISD Alternative Center for a nine week period. Students may also be assigned mandatory tutoring for truancies.


    Beginning in 2011, KISD instituted automated phone calls home twice a day. These phone calls are generated from data files at the central office and not from the school your child is attending. There is a call home in the mornings between 10:35 and 11:00 a.m. to notify parents that their child has been marked absent in their second period class. This call is partially in response to concern about children moving to and from their bus stops or walking to schools early in the morning. If you receive a call, you may call the school to verify your child's absence. If you are aware that your child is not in school due to illness, field trip, etc., you may disregard the call.

    A second call will be made in the evening to notify parents that their child was absent one or more periods. Killeen High School reports absences the day that they occur. However, other high schools might not call the same day. If you know your student was on a field trip, on a trip for athletics, home sick, or some other reason you are aware of, it is not necessary for you to contact the school. Extracurricular absences are usually cleared within 48 hours after the activity. Parents are not required to send a parent note to clear these absences.

    If you receive a warning letter about absences which should have been cleared, please let us know and we will investigate. If you do not receive phone calls, it is possible the system has the wrong phone number and will correct it as soon as we know the correct number. It is vital you let the school know any time you change your home address phone or cell.


    A student is tardy if he/she arrives late to a class and within the first 14 minutes of a class. However, after the 15 minutes grace period, a student will be marked as an unexcused absence. A student tardy more than 4 times will be assigned consequences by their Assistant Principal. Parents may not excuse tardies. Car problems, oversleeping, etc., do not excuse a tardy. However, if a student has a medical appointment which results in the student arriving late to school, the tardy will be excused provided the student presents a medical excuse when he/she arrives at school and signs in.


    High School students are granted ten (10) days of excused absences to participate in extracurricular activities which have been approved in advance by the Principal.  Many students are involved in a number of extracurricular activities and, as a result may exceed the ten days allowed by KISD Board Policy. Parents are advised to monitor the number of days their student misses, particularly if their child is involved in multi-sport activities


    There may be times when unforeseen events occur which may prevent a student from attending school. This is particularly true due to the number of military dependents in our school district.  Absences which are the result of a parents either being deployed or returning from a deployment are generally excused once we are notified.  Other events for which a student may be allowed excused absences include weddings, funeral, college graduation, military promotions or emergencies involving an immediate family member. Generally, students are granted three (3) days for these events and students are asked to provide wedding notices or a copy of an obituary rather than a parent note. Absences which take the student out-of-state or out-of-country will be excused for up to (5) days.  Longer absences should be requested by letter through the principal’s office for approval. 


    The following attendance codes may appear on a student’s attendance report.

    A = Excused                            P = Parent Note

    U = Unexcused                        I = ISS/TOR

    E = Extracurricular                O = Suspended

    M = Medical Note                  T = Truant

    Driver License Attendance Verification  

    To obtain a driver license, a student between the ages of 16 and 18 must annually provide to the Texas Department of Public Safety a form obtained from the school verifying that the student has met the 90 percent attendance requirement for the semester preceding the date of application.  The student can obtain this form at the Attendance office.  Please allow 24 hours after submitting your paperwork to the attendance office before picking up your form.  Parents cannot pick up VOE forms for students as students must sign for the form.


    A student under the age of eighteen may not check themselves out of school. An adult must sign the student out of school. We cannot accept telephone calls requesting that we allow a student to sign themselves out for an appointment or other reason. There is no way for us to verify the identity of the individual on the phone. In the past we have accepted a parental note to release a student for a medical appointment if it is accompanied by a copy of the parent's military identification or driver's license. We will continue this policy. It is not necessary for a parent to sign their child in to school.  Remember a student will need to sign in with a parent note or they might be unexcused.


    Routine and In-Depth Makeup Work Assignments

    All students absent from school shall have the opportunity to make up all schoolwork assigned during their absence.  Students have five school days after returning to school to complete make-up work.  In unusual circumstances, the principal or his/her designee may extend this time period.  Work assigned prior to the absence shall be turned in or completed on the day the student returns to school.  If a test or major assignment had been previously communicated to students, it will be completed or due the day they return. A student shall be responsible for attaining and completing the make-up work.

    Full credit will be awarded for make-up work.  A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher may, at the discretion of the teacher, receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

    In the case of truancies, make–up work can earn only 50% of the credit that would have been earned if the student had been present.


    Section 25.082 of the Texas Education Code mandates the recitation of the Pledge to the U.S. and Texas flags once each day. Students have a choice to recite the pledge. If they choose not to, they must stand silently. Students may be excused from the pledge of allegiance (but not from observing the moment of silence) if the student’s parent of guardian provides a written statement which will be filed in their permanent record.  Teachers and others must ensure that all students remain silent, and do not act in any manner that is likely to interfere with or distract another person. During the moment of silence, students may reflect, meditate, pray or engage in another silent activity that is not likely to interfere with or distract others. Announcements will also be placed on the KHS website.


    1. All spectators should be in the stands throughout the game except for concession and bathroom use.

    2. After halftime all students must go back up into the stands or in the gym and in the stands.

    3. Fans should not obstruct the aisles, stand at railings, block walkways, or throw any items.

    4. Fans should support their own teams by positive comments and actions. Spirit signs should be supportive. Negative comments or actions are not appropriate for contestants or game officials. Do not engage in cheers that are vulgar, crass or demeaning. Refrain from throwing objects for any reason.

    5. By law, tobacco products and e-cigarettes are not permitted at any school function or facility.

    6. Violators may be removed and could lose the privilege to attend events.

    7. Participating contestants (in uniform) must remain with their team before, during, and after the contest (see coaches for further instructions).

    8. Spectators may not cross the floor or field after the contest to congratulate players, coaches, or address them in any way (see administrators or police officers). Team and playing areas are off limits at all times.

    9. Pets are not allowed at either indoor or outdoor events.

    10. Students who do not leave campus at least 30 minutes after an event are subject to after school trespass and could be denied entry into future KHS events.


    The purpose of discipline is to help the student develop increasing responsibility for the independent control of his/her own behavior while creating an atmosphere which will develop a mutual respect for each individual’s rights. To this end, the Killeen Independent School District firmly believes that to have an effective educational system for all students, it is necessary that proper behavior must be maintained in the classrooms, in the school buildings, on school grounds, and on school buses. The responsible behavior should continue between school and home.

    The circumstances requiring discipline will determine the corrective strategies used. These may range from teacher guidance and parental awareness to suspension.

    It is the intent of the Killeen High School discipline plan to enhance the KISD plan.

    Parents/guardians are required to sign a Code of Conduct card acknowledging an understanding of the rules and consequences of misbehavior.

    The Killeen High School guidelines for administering discipline can be found in the pamphlet, KISD Student Code of Conduct which is on line at www.killeenisd.org under the Parents or Students section. Parents and students are asked to pay special attention to the sections: “Student Offenses and Consequences” and “Unexcused Absences”.

    Transportation riders also need to read the entire KISD Transportation Student Rider’s Safety Handbook.  All students on KISD transportation should have a visible ID.  If you received a temporary you will need to have that temporary ID on to get on your bus afterschool!

    Bus Rider Rules and Regulations

    The KISD Transportation Department is dedicated to safely transporting students to and from school, and to and from various school-related events. To accomplish this task, the help and cooperation of students, parents, and drivers is essential. Students and parents should read the KISD Transportation Student Rider’s Safety Handbook.

    Rider Eligibility

    Bus transportation provided by the district is a privilege and not a right, whether to and from school each day or on school-sponsored trips, and should be treated as such.

    Special Provisions

    Students riding the bus to and from school are under the direct supervision and control of the bus driver. Riding the bus is a privilege provided by the district and the privilege will be withdrawn if students fail to cooperate in following the bus rules or authority of the bus driver. Special rules are necessary for the safety and wellbeing of everyone on the bus. Failure to abide by these rules creates safety hazards for the student as well as all other individuals on the bus.  Parents should instruct their children on procedures to follow if the bus is missed. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to school if a child misses the bus. Students will actively participate in scheduled School Bus Emergency Evacuation Drills. Drivers and school officials are not responsible for stolen articles or items left on the bus.

    The district may use the necessary equipment, resources, and personnel (including a Video/Audio Monitoring System) to monitor student behavior while providing safe transportation. Only district employees involved with the specific incident may view the recordings. Based on legal guidelines, parents, guardians, or other non-district personnel may not view the videos.


    Parents should discuss the following basic rules with their student:

    • Students will abide by the district’s rules and regulations concerning bus students, including conduct and dress code pertaining to respective campuses and grade levels.
    • While on the bus, students are under the authority of the Killeen ISD. Students must follow the instructions from the drivers as they would a classroom teacher. At no time will a student act toward, or address comments to a bus driver in a disrespectful manner, or refuse to cooperate with the driver.
    • Students will identify themselves when asked to do so by the driver or other school official.
    • Students must board and leave the bus only at the student’s designated stop. In an emergency, approval for students (eligible riders only) to embark or disembark at a bus stop other than his or her own will be provided in writing on campus stationary, signed by the campus principal or assistant principal, and given to the bus driver when the student boards the bus. Drivers are not permitted to act on notes or letters from students or parents regarding a stop change.
    • Only students who are eligible to ride may be transported and they must ride their assigned bus.
    • Photography is prohibited on the school bus unless the student has prior, written permission from the campus principal.
    • Safety hazards created when using a cell phone may result in a discipline referral.
    • The principal’s jurisdiction extends to the bus stop. Inappropriate student behavior at bus stops will not be tolerated.
    • Student ID cards will be worn above the waist at all times while on the bus. Provisions of the Student Code of Conduct apply.
    • In accordance with the Student Code of Conduct handbook, harassment in any form is strictly prohibited.
    • The bus driver is required to assign seats. The student will remain in their assigned seat until instructed otherwise by the driver.
    • A student shall not refuse to sit in an assigned seat or deny another student a place to sit.
    • Do not mark, cut or scratch any part of the bus. Vandalism costs will be paid for by the person responsible.
    • Scuffling, fighting, and the use of obscene, vulgar, or profane language and gestures are forbidden and may constitute immediate bus suspension. Note: The appropriate law enforcement agency may be called in regards to any fight on the bus and Disruption of Transportation charges may be filed.
    • Students will face forward for the duration of the trip and will keep their feet out of the bus aisle and on the floor in front of them.
    • Remain seated while the bus is moving. Each student is expected to remain seated for the duration of the trip and until the bus door opens for departure.
    • Students will not extend any part of their body or any article out the window whether the bus is in motion or not.
    • Do not spit or throw any object inside or outside of the bus.
    • Normal conversation is permitted (no louder than classroom level); any loud noises may distract the driver and create an unsafe condition.
    • Students shall never attempt to operate the passenger door or other driver controls except in the case of extreme emergency.
    • The emergency door and exit controls will be used by students only during supervised drills or actual emergencies. Unauthorized use of emergency equipment is prohibited.

    Consequences for Bus Rules Violations

    Failure to abide by these bus rules creates safety hazards for the student as well as all other students on the bus. Student behavior while on the bus is governed by School Board policies and the Student Code of Conduct. The school bus is an extension of the classroom, and as such, all rules that apply in the classroom carry over to the bus.

    If any of the above student behavior rules are broken, the bus driver will take appropriate action such as conferring with the student, recording the student’s name and grade, assigning the student a different seat on the bus, and/or reporting the student to the appropriate school official.

    After the bus driver makes a written report of the violation(s) to the campus administrator, appropriate action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct will be taken. Consequences for violation of bus rules will be determined by the campus administrator, and may include bus probation or bus suspension for a specified period of time.

    When a student is suspended from riding the bus, parents are responsible for providing transportation for the student to attend school. This is not a suspension from class. If the student does not attend school when suspended from riding the bus, the absence is unexcused and further disciplinary action may result.

    Prohibited on School Buses

    No drugs or look alike drugs will be allowed on the bus.

    • Weapons, explosives (such as fireworks), knives, taser or stun guns, chains, water guns, unsheathed pointed articles, laser light devices, or any other objects that could be considered dangerous or detrimental to safety, order, and discipline on the bus.
    • Alcoholic beverages.
    • Cigarettes, e cigarettes, cigars, and any other tobacco products.
    • Matches or cigarette lighters.
    • Live animals or insects. Plants in dirt or other growing medium not in an enclosed or sealed container or bag.
    • Skateboards, rollerblades, Heelys shoes with wheels extended, or other items that may roll around on the bus.
    • Walkie-Talkies, push-to-talk devices, or paging devices of any kind.
    • Radios, tape or MP3 players, IPODs, or any recording or replay device (with or without headphones) may not be used if a distraction or safety hazard is created.
    • Students will keep aisles and under the bus seats clear of any obstructions. Loose items may not be transported on the floor of the bus. Any articles such as projects, large band instruments (tuba, baritone, baritone saxophone, other large instruments), etc., which are too large to be held in the student’s lap or which impose on other riders will not be allowed on the bus. Musical instruments will not be played on the bus. Book bags and backpacks must be transported in the student’s lap, not on the seat or floor.
    • Students will not eat, drink, or chew gum on any route school bus. Bottles or cans, whether full or empty, open or closed, are not allowed on any route school bus. As an exception, water in plastic, re-sealable containers is allowed on the bus.
    • Glass containers.
    • Sporting equipment (balls, bats, rackets, etc.) must be in backpacks, cased, or left in the front of the bus. Multiple or bagged golf clubs are prohibited. Cleats of any type will not be worn on the bus.
    • ROTC weapons are not permitted beyond the driver’s compartment area.
    • Students are not permitted to conduct personal grooming (brush/comb hair, apply make-up, use perfume/cologne, etc.) while on the bus. Hair brushing/combing can contribute to spreading of lice and some individuals are allergic to grooming products.


    • Students are assigned to a special classroom to complete a behavior modification program and then complete school assignments. The behavior program is designed to deter students from repeating negative behavior. No interaction with other students is allowed. The length of stay will vary depending on the misconduct and completion of all assignments. Lunch can be purchased from the cafeteria main menu or a sack lunch may be brought. Parents cannot deliver lunch to students in ISS. Lunch will be eaten in the ISS Room.  Cell phones or any other electronic devices are not allowed at any time while a student is in ISS.  Headphones are also to be put away unless a student is working on an assignment on the computer where headphones are necessary. Students cannot participate in extracurricular activities during their ISS assignment.


    Teachers may create their own detention hall for disciplinary action. When a student is assigned to the teacher’s detention hall, it will begin no earlier than the next day and may be at the teacher’s convenience. It is the student’s responsibility to inform his/her parents or guardian of the detention and to arrange for transportation if necessary. Any student who refuses to accept a teacher’s detention hall will be referred to the appropriate Assistant Principal.  We also have a school wide lunch detention that is the first 15 minutes of each lunch period.  This detention can be assigned for students to attend the same day.  Failure to attend this lunch detention can result in a referral to the student’s Assistant Principal.


    Students may be assigned to Saturday Detention for misconduct. Length of assignment will vary depending on the misconduct. Saturday SAC will be from 9:00-12:00.  During a SAC assignment students will complete school assignments or study their textbooks.  If students do not have academic work, work will be provided that will need to be completed. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Parent notes for one reassigned SAC may be brought to the student’s AP before 9:00 AM the Monday following their assignment.  No-shows to SAC will receive a referral for insubordination AND be assigned two days In School Suspension.


    Once a student arrives at school, he/she is not permitted to leave campus at any time during the school day without administrative permission, except students classified as sophomores, juniors, or seniors who may leave during their respective lunch periods, or students who have completed their school day. Students who are enrolled in a work cooperative program may leave campus when their instructional day is completed. Sophomores, juniors, or seniors departing and returning from lunch must be prepared to wear AND show their ID’s while doing so and when requested while off campus. Sophomore, junior, or senior privilege of leaving campus for lunch may be revoked for individuals for any violation of closed campus rules.

    All KISD schools are closed campuses for freshmen students. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are allowed to leave campus for lunch. If a sophomore, junior, or senior attempts to take an underclassman off campus, he or she may lose his or her off-campus rights for the rest of the school year and may be subject to other disciplinary actions deemed appropriate by the campus principal or principal designee.

    All freshmen (OR students classified as freshman) must remain on campus for lunch. Eating or drinking outside of the designated eating area may result in disciplinary action. AT KHS students may eat in the band practice area by the basketball courts and be on the field area beside the tennis courts.  The tennis court bleachers and parking area by Atkinson Street are off limits.  Students classified as freshman who violate closed campus rules during their freshmen year may lose their off-campus privilege as an upperclassman.

    After lunch there will be specific doors for upper classman to enter.  They will need to be wearing their ID for staff to check.


    The following behaviors are prohibited and will be treated as disciplinary infractions:

    • Food or drinks are not permitted in the auditorium lobby or gym lobby.
    • Meals are not permitted in classrooms. Outside meals or fountain drinks are not allowed outside the cafeteria or courtyards. Lunch should be eaten during lunch time, finished and trash disposed of prior to leaving the cafeteria or courtyards.  Water bottles are acceptable.
    • No food is allowed outside at the basketball court, under the trees, or on the benches.
    • Other than lunch money, NO DELIVERIES FOR STUDENTS CAN BE MADE.
    • Students cannot enter the hallways without a pass during their lunch time. The hallways are closed during lunch.
    • Loitering/standing in the hallways and/or intersections between passing periods. This includes standing by the hall lockers if not getting materials out of YOUR locker. Walk and talk on your way to class.
    • No hats or head covering on your head in the building at any time. If seen, they will be collected and given to the AP office.
    • Any student who is coming to school after 9:00 should enter the building from the front office area.
    • No displaying of public affection.
    • KHS IS A TOBACCO-FREE FACILITY. Possession of a tobacco product will result in serious consequences. Liquid nicotine/electronic cigarette products are also not to be on any campus or at any school related activity.
    • Zero hour students will be allowed to enter the building starting at 7:35.  The hallways will be closed until the bell at 8:30.  By 4:30 all students who are not in tutoring or credit recovery must exit the building.
    • The following areas have been designated as off-limits during the mornings, lunch periods, and after school: gymnasium, P.E. hallway, locker rooms, athletic fields, tennis courts, portables and any area around the portables, auditorium and areas surrounding it, all stairwells and hallways. Hallways are off limits during the student’s designated lunch. Students may not be in the hallways during his/her designated lunch period.
    • The hallways are open in the morning, but students need to keep moving toward the auditorium lobby or cafeteria / cafeteria courtyard.  This includes no hanging outside classrooms, at lockers, or in side hallways.
    • All students are expected to be enrolled in 7 out of 7 periods. Work release periods are available only to Career and Technology Co-op students. Under certain circumstances, fourth year senior students who have passed EOC tests and are on track for graduation, may be given one off period with parental approval. An application to take a Reduced Class Load may be obtained from the Guidance Center. Students who have work release or reduced class load are not allowed on campus during the time of work release/reduced class. Failure to leave campus may result in administrative/legal consequences
    • Students must have an ID visible from the front (mid-chest or higher) AT ALL TIMES while on campus. The ID booth opens at 8:10 so no one should be on campus after 8:10 without an ID.  ID cards must not have been mutilated or altered in any way.  This could include partial IDs, broken IDs, or an ID with missing parts such as name, picture, or bar code.
    • Students need to get their temporary ID from the ID booth located in the auditorium lobby before 9:00. Temporary ID’s given after 9:00 will result in a Type II violation entered in the ID system.
    • No headphones or beats are allowed in the building at any time.  If visible they will be taken and put in the front office for parent or guardians to pick up.  There will also be a Type II violation recorded in our violation recording system.
    • Ear buds – Students may have one ear bud only in the hallway.  Students need to be able to hear instructions given by staff, or to be made aware of any emergency. During instructional time (while classes are in session) ear buds should not be visible in classrooms or in the hallway. If students are seen wearing ear buds in the classroom or have more than one ear bud in while in the hallway they will be asked to surrender them to a staff member who will take the item(s) to the front office where they will have to be picked up by a parent. A Type II violation will also be recorded in our violation system.
    • Boom boxes, speakers, or music heard by others is not permitted.
    • Students who have been suspended from school are not allowed on ANY KISD CAMPUS until the day they are scheduled to return.  They are also not allowed at any extracurricular events on or off campus.
    • KHS has doors locked for security reasons.  Students should not let other persons in through those doors.
    • Skateboards are a prohibited item on campus and on the bus.  This includes on KHS property, tennis courts area, parking lots, and Leo Buckley property.  Wheels should not touch the ground at any time when on these areas.  If a skateboard is brought to campus it must be put in the students’ locker.  If the board cannot fit in the locker, it should not be brought to school.
    • The courtyards are available for students before school and during lunch.  There should be no running, throwing of balls, familiarity, PDA, or sitting on tables.  Students are required to dispose of all trash and keep the area clean.
    • Laser pointers are not allowed for students due to their potential danger and distraction to the learning environment. When collected from a student a laser pointer will be returned only to the parent of the student.

    Tardies, Dress Code (including ID), Electronic Devices, and Cell Phone Violations

    When the tardy bell rings signaling the beginning of class, teachers will close the classroom door.  If tardy to class, a student will need to go to a tardy station and get a tardy pass. The student will also be registered in the computer as being tardy on that date for that period.  The student will go to their classroom and give the tardy pass to their teacher who will mark the student tardy in eschool for parents to be able to see.

    A student who is more than 15 minutes late to class is to be considered absent rather than tardy. Students who come to school after 9:00 A.M. will be considered truant if a note is not brought in upon arrival.

    Referrals for tardies, dress code (including ID), electronic devices, headphones, ear buds, and cell phone violations will be grouped together. Increments of four can be reached with a combination of any of these violations, and will result in a discipline referral.

    Students will receive 2 temporary ID’s each nine weeks before the violation begins.  An ID received after 9:00 in the morning will result in a violation recorded in our violation recording system as a Type II violation. Referrals for tardies, dress code (including ID), and cell phone violations are to be written in accordance with the following criteria:





    Referral and SAC (or student may request 2 days lunch detention)


    Referral and SAC (or student may request three days lunch


    Referral and 1 day ISS


    Referral and 2 days ISS


    Referral, 3 days ISS, and campus probation


    Referral, 4 days ISS, and DAEP Hearing

    Students who fail to attend lunch detention will be assigned ISS.  A no show to SAC is 2 days of ISS.


    The use of cell phones will be permitted before school, during passing periods, during lunch, and after school.  Cell phones must be turned off and not visible in the classroom or hallways during class time which starts at 8:45.  Example: You can use your phone during the passing period, but once the bell has rung to start class you may no longer use your phone.  If you leave class for any reason during the instructional time (for example to go to the restroom or office) your cell phone cannot be used. Once the bell rings for class to start the cell phone must be turned off and not visible and stay that way until the next passing period. An individual teacher may allow cellphone use for instructional purposes.  Using the phone as a camera or video is not acceptable at any time without administrative permission.  Recording a fight on your cell phone or any recording device is not permitted and will result in disciplinary consequences.  If a teacher sees a phone out in the classroom during a time when the phone is not being used as an instructional tool, a referral will be written and the student will receive one day of ISS. Electronic equipment is subject to search in the event school administrators believe reasonable suspicion exists to support the search.

    If a teacher sees a phone out in the classroom during a time when the phone is not being used as an instructional
    tool a referral will be written and the student will receive one day of ISS for the first offense. Additional
    referrals will result in more days assigned as consequences for violating the cell phone policy.

    ***Students receiving a parent or family phone call or text message during class is not a valid excuse to
    answer the phone and disciplinary consequences will occur. If parents need to reach their student with an
    emergency they need to call the front office at 254-336-7208.


    Cell phones, iPods, laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices brought to school need to be secured as they are brought AT YOUR OWN RISK.  We are not responsible for the security of these items.


    To prepare students for an increasingly technological society, the District has made a substantial investment in computer technology for instructional purposes.  Use of these resources is restricted to students working under a teacher’s supervision and for approved purposes only.  A copy of the Student Acceptable Use Policy may be found in the Student Code of Conduct.  Students and their parents will be asked to sign a Student Code of Conduct card as a user agreement (separate from this handbook) regarding use of these resources. Violations of this agreement may result in termination of computer or network access and disciplinary action.

    With teacher approval, students may bring and use their own technology devices (smart phones, iPads, computers, etc.) in the classroom to access and save information from the internet. Use of these tools will be available through their student accounts once logged in to the KISD filtered wireless system.  Students MUST use the KISD internet access. Your student is solely responsible for any equipment that he/she brings to school. In addition, Killeen High School is not liable for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment and unfortunately our staff is unable to provide technical support for personal devices brought to school. If a student uses technology inappropriately, the board approved Student Code of Conduct consequences still apply, regardless of who owns the device.

    Students may not use devices (including cameras) to record, transmit or post images or video of a person, or persons on campus or during school related activities for non-instructional purposes. 

    Students and their parents should be aware that electronic communications—e-mail—using District computers are not private and may be monitored by District staff.


    ID cards will be provided to all students at Killeen High School. ALL STUDENTS ARE TO WEAR THESE CARDS AT ALL TIMES WHEN THEY ARE ON CAMPUS, WHILE RIDING ON DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION, AND IN ATTENDANCE AT SCHOOL FUNCTIONS. They will be required to be worn at all times, visible from the front mid-chest or higher and not on a student’s sleeves or book bag.  A student ID card must be surrendered when requested by any staff member. ID’s are property of the school.

    *** The first ID is provided at no charge to the student. If the ID card has been mutilated or altered in any way, it is no longer valid and must be replaced.  This could include partial IDs, broken IDs, or an ID with missing parts such as name, picture, grade, or bar code.

    Students may receive two temporary IDs each 9 weeks before a violation is recorded.  An ID received after 9:00 in the morning will result in a Type II violation put in our violation system.

    The student ID card will be turned in when a student transfers or withdraws from school. The cost for replacement of the ID and lanyard is $5.00.  A lanyard only is $1.00.

    Killeen High School Dress Code
    2018– 2019 School Year

    The dress and grooming standards of Killeen High School are meant to promote a positive, professional learning environment where the focus is on instruction and not on clothing. Clothing, hairstyles, and accessories should not be disruptive, immodest or compromise student safety. Students shall come to school looking clean, neat, and ready to learn. The school prohibits pictures, emblems, or writings on materials or clothing that are lewd, offensive, vulgar, immodest, or promote or refer to alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited under policy FNCF (1). The school also prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the principal’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal operations. Shirts or other clothing items depicting or promoting acts of violence, guns, weapons, death, dismemberment, disfigurement, gang activity or affiliation or other offensive items are specifically prohibited. All dress code issues will be subject to the campus administrator’s judgment.
    All Dress Code regulations apply to ALL high school students. ALL students must display their student identification card at all times. Students are expected to be in compliance with the dress code at all times on campus and while attending school functions. The following statements serve as guidelines so that there is no question of what is acceptable (The list is not intended to be all inclusive). These items are not allowed:

    Pants and shorts with holes, frays, or cuts that show skin THAT ARE LOCATED MORE THAN 6
    INCHES ABOVE THE KNEE are NOT permitted. You may wear shorts or leggings under the pants if
    the holes are too high. Skin should not be visible more than 6 inches above the knee.
    • Sagging pants applies to both boys and girls. Jeans, slacks, shorts, and all other pants must be worn at
    the hip and cover all undergarments. Pants are required to fit normally at the natural inseam. Sagging is
    a dress code violation. Students who are sagging will be asked to change pants, have an AP zip tie
    the pants for the remainder of the day, have a parent bring a change of clothes or a belt, or go to
    ISS. Repeated offense will result in disciplinary action.
    • Inappropriate exercise clothing without an appropriate covering garment.
    • Sunglasses, caps, hats, bandanas, and other headwear worn into the building. No hats or head gear
    should be visible in the building.
    • Clothing should be worn for the purpose for which it was designed. No undergarments or pajamas are to
    be worn as outerwear.
    • Bare feet are not acceptable; flip-flops are acceptable; house shoes are not permitted.
    • Transparent and see through clothing are not permitted unless clothing underneath meets dress code
    standard. This includes the “sheer” type as no undergarments should be visible.
    • Bathing/Swimsuits
    • Pants with one pant leg rolled up or worn at a different length than the other.
    • Combs/hair picks/curlers. Picks should not be worn in the hair.
    • Dog collars, chains, wallet chains, safety pins, spike jewelry or fishhooks worn as jewelry, accessories
    or ornamentation. This includes any metal studded collars, choker chains, armbands, wristbands, or
    other metal studded accessories.

    Leggings or spandex type pants worn as an outer garment, see-through pants, tights, or leotards worn
    as outer garments. “Biker”/spandex pants or shorts are also not acceptable. Pockets and zippers must
    be on your pants.
    • Clothing and accessories that promote alcohol, tobacco, or drug usage or which display weapons or
    violence, and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.
    • Tank tops, tube tops, mesh tops, sheer tops, halters, or bare midriff tops. Two shirts worn together
    cannot make the shoulder width comply with dress code. Shirts cannot have necklines that are lower
    than the straight line from top of underarm across to opposite underarm. Display of cleavage is not
    permitted. Tops may not expose the midriff, and clothing must cover undergarments at all times.
    Clothing must adhere to dress code without having to pull and tug the garment back into compliance.
    • Gloves in the building.
    • Clothing and accessories that contain vulgar, derogatory or suggestive diagrams, pictures, slogans or
    words that may be interpreted as racially, religiously, ethnically, or sexually offensive and which cause
    or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.
    • Clothing symbolic of gangs or disruptive groups associated with threatening behavior, harassment or
    discrimination and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.
    • Accessories that may cause a safety problem and/or be disruptive of the learning process.
    • Do-rags / bandanas are not allowed anywhere on campus or at any school-sponsored event.


    The following is intended to address male and female dress individually:


    • Shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times.
    • Shorts must extend to or below 6 inches above the knee.


    • Sleeveless tops with straps with a minimum width of the ID card are acceptable. The shirt straps must be
      wide enough to cover undergarments. Bras and bra straps should not show.
    • See-through, bare midriff, halter type, razor back, shoulder bearing, or spaghetti strap blouses or any
      revealing clothing is not permitted. Shirts or blouses should not come off the shoulder. Two shirts worn
      together cannot make the shoulder width comply with dress code. Shirt hems should extend below the
      waist of pants/shorts/skirts whether in a sitting or standing position. If a jacket is worn to cover a
      possible dress code violation it must also cover undergarments or camisoles.
    • Dresses, skirts, and shorts must extend to or below 6 inches above the knee. Dresses that are longer but
      are sheer or see through are not appropriate. Tights or leggings worn underneath a dress that does
      not meet dress code regulations do not make the dress appropriate. Dresses will be measured
      from the middle of the back of the knee and to the part that is NOT sheer or see through.
    • If there is a question about tights, yoga pants, etc. REMEMBER that if there are no pockets and
      zippers they are not acceptable.

    Students who are found to be in violation of this requirement will be given an opportunity to comply. This opportunity will include the student being allowed to call home for a change of clothes. While awaiting the change of clothes the student may be required to wait in ISS. Those who fail to comply or who repeatedly violate the dress code shall be subject to disciplinary action.


    Use By Students Before and After School

    The hallways are closed before school and at lunch. The cafeteria and auditorium lobby are the only places that students can hang out before school. IDs need to be visible while students are in the cafeteria and auditorium lobby! Certain areas of the school will be accessible to students before and after school for specific purposes.  Students are required to remain in the area where their activity is scheduled to take place.

    A student will not be permitted to go to another area of the building or campus unless the teacher or sponsor overseeing the activity gives permission.

    Unless involved in an activity under the supervision of a teacher, students must leave campus immediately after dismissal of school in the afternoon.  Students not in activities or tutoring should have exited the building by 4:30.

    Unless you are in the AYPYN room or any other KHS staff sponsored activity, you are to leave campus.  If you are waiting for a parent to pick you up, you must be up in the front of the building.  The band parking lot and backside of the auditorium are off limits after 4:30.

    Loitering or standing in the halls or intersections between classes is not permitted.  During class time, a student must have a hall pass to be outside the classroom for any purpose.  Failure to obtain a pass will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

    Visitor Entry:  Visitor entry into KHS is through the vestibule in front of the building next to the flagpole. While visiting in the school, a visitor must wear a visitor’s badge. 


    The KHS Library is a learning center in our school. Books, eBooks, computers, and digital resources are available for students to complete assignments. Librarians are available to help students develop research skills that are much needed for success in high school and college. Students may also find a comfortable safe place to relax and read in the KHS Library.

    • Students are required to follow the KISD / KHS Student Code of Conduct while in the KHS library.
    • The library is open from 7:45 until 4:30 on school days. Students must be issued a completed blue pass to use the library during class times. During 4th period and lunch, students must enter and exit the library through the cafeteria courtyard because the doors in the 300 hallway are locked.
    • Computers and iPads are available for use in the library. Students must check out computers at the circulation desk. Computers are checked out on a first come first served basis with academic pursuits given preference. KISD Acceptable Use Policy applies. A limited number of computers are designated for non-academic use before school, and during lunches. No first person shooter games and no videos containing violence, nudity, inappropriate language or other inappropriate material are allowed.
    • Headphones or ear buds must be used when listening to audio. Students must keep device volume at a level that does not disturb others.
    • Electronic devices may be used before school, during lunch, and after school in accordance with school policy.
    • Copying and printing are available for school assignments only.
    • Digital Resources are provided by the district. Access additional information by logging into the library home page or by contacting a librarian. Library URL: library.killeenisd.org
    • Students may check out up to three library books at one time. If more are needed the student needs to speak with a librarian.
    • Books are checked out for 15 school days. Weekends and holidays are not counted.
    • Students may renew books one time online or multiple times at the circulation desk. If the book is on hold for another student, it may not be renewed.
    • Students may place up to three books on hold at one time. This includes books requested from other KISD campuses. Students are responsible for checking online or with a librarian to determine the status of requested books.
    • Laptops, Calculators, and Flash Drives may be checked out from the library. Laptops and Calculators require special permission forms and a parent or guardian signature. Please see the permission slip for information about late fines and fees for lost laptops, calculators, and flash drives.
    • Late fines of ($.10) 10 cents per day per book are assessed. Late library fines will not exceed $2.00 per book. The assessment of late fines is not meant to keep students from using the library, but to be an incentive for students to return books on time so others will have access to the same books.
    • If a book is lost, any late fines accrued are waived, and the replacement cost of the book is charged.
    • Library fines are not collected until the fine reaches $1.00. When library fines reach $1.00, the fine must be paid to the cashier prior to checking out additional library books, laptops, or calculators.
    • Students may work in the library, before school, during lunch, or after school in exchange for library fines owed Killeen High School. Currently, the library is unable to provide this offer for library fines owed other schools in the district.
    • Students may volunteer in the library before school, after school or during lunches. Please see a librarian for a volunteer form and additional details.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the library. Water bottles are acceptable, but not in computer areas.

    Failure to observe these rules may result in the student being asked to leave the library and / or loss of library privileges and / or a referral.


    Vehicles parked on school property are under the jurisdiction of the school. School officials may search any vehicle any time there is reasonable suspicion to do so with or without the presence of the student or parent. A student has full responsibility for the security and content of his or her vehicle and must make certain that it is locked and that the keys are not given to others.

    All vehicles MUST have a NEW PERMIT every year. Permits are $10.00 per vehicle and may be purchased at the cashier’s window. Car registration, insurance, and the students’ driver license must be shown to get the parking sticker. All of this must be completed by the student. Vehicles without a current year sticker will be towed at the owner’s expense. This permit allows you to park in the student parking area only. You also need a 21 current permit to park at Leo Buckley during the school day. These vehicles are also subject to administrative searches.

    Bus Loop: The Killeen High School bus loop, located at the back of the building, is closed to vehicles between 7:45AM and 4:45PM on school days. The field house can be accessed by driving around the backside of Leo Buckley Stadium and through the reserved parking lot. Parents--please reinforce safe driving habits for your student by not violating traffic control signs and markings. Only students who are riding KISD bus transportation should be at the bus loop.

    Visitor Parking: Visitor parking is located in the front parking lot of the school.

    Visitor Parking Special Events/Assemblies: When KHS is hosting special events/assemblies where an abundance of visitors are expected--please use the student parking lot and NOT the VISITOR,  STAFF or FIRE LANES. Legally parked vehicles will not be marked or towed from the student lot during these events.

    Lockers: Each and every locker in the school building shall be subject to random inspections at least twice a semester by any administrator, including a police officer authorized by an administrator. Students may go to the registrar to request a locker. When a student brings a lock for their assigned locker the tab on the locker will be cut. Students need to make sure their locker is secured at all times. If the locker does not have a lock, the locker shall be deemed abandoned, and all the contents will be removed. Any books in the locker will be returned to the bookroom. All other property will be taken to the front office to the lost and found and disposed of as abandoned property.

    Search and Seizure: The district has the right to conduct administrative searches of personal property such as backpacks, clothing items, purses, and automobiles driven to school by a student and parked on school property when there is a reasonable cause to believe they contain articles or materials prohibited by the district and to protect the safety and order of the learning environment. The district may also conduct administrative searches in accordance with board policy. Such searches may include parking lots (which includes Leo Buckley parking area), classrooms, lockers, and common areas of the school and may include the use of metal detectors and/or trained dogs.

    Injury or Illness at School: The school will care for minor injuries which occur at school, but are not responsible for the treatment of injuries that occurred at home. In case of serious injury, the parent/guardian will be called immediately. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted in the event of a serious injury, the school will get immediate medical attention for the child. If the  ervice of an ambulance is necessary, THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN WILL BE  RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TOTAL  COST. Please make sure all emergency numbers are correct!




    Remember that cell phone use in the hallways is during the passing periods only! NOT after classes have started.


    8:45-9:37                     1ST PEROD

    9:43-10:35                   2ND PERIOD

    10:41-11:33                 3RD PERIOD

      A  LUNCH                                                                     B LUNCH

    11:33-12:19 LUNCH                                                      11:39-12:30  4TH PERIOD

    12:25-1:16                   4TH PERIOD                              12:30-1:16  B LUNCH

    1:22-2:19                     5TH PERIOD

    2:25-3:17                     6TH PERIOD

    3:23-4:15 7TH PERIOD BUSES RUN AT 4:24