• Location

    Ellison High School is located at the corner of Elms Rd. and Trimmier Rd. in Killeen, Texas. For detailed directions use the Google map provided or call the main office number at (254) 336-0600.

    Static Map of Ellison High School


    Student Entry to Commons Area

    Prior to 8:10 AM:

     Only Authorized Personnel and Students with passes to go to Tutorials, Meetings, or Detention may enter the building.

    Exception: Inclement Weather (40 and below or raining): Security Vestibule will open at 7:45 am for all students.

    Library Opens at 7:45am - Use back door.
    Cafeteria Opens at 8:00am - Use back door.

    Students go to class at 8:30am.


    Entry for Early Release Students

    If you are privileged to have an early release schedule, then you must leave the building at the end of your schedule.  If there is inclement weather (cold, rain, sleet, or hail), you cannot remain on school premises. You are responsible for arranging your own transportation. No Loitering.

    If you do not have a 1st period class, then you cannot arrive on campus before 9:35am. No Loitering will be allowed.Violation may result in loss of privilege and/or other disciplinary action.


    Entry for Visitors

    Visitors may enter and obtain a visitor's badge through either the Commons entrance located near the student parking lot on Elms Road or through the Front Office entrance located near the staff parking lot on Trimmier Road.

    Please be sure to park in visitor spaces only. Visitor parking near the Trimmier entrance is located to the left as you pull into the parking lot from Trimmier itself. Thank you! =)

  • Phone Numbers

    Main Number:

    Registrar's Office

    Guidance Counselors:

    Student Activities:

    Athletic Coordinator:

    School Nurse:

    Attendance Office:


    For all other areas not listed,
    please call the main phone number.