• ECHS Tutoring Flow

    3:11 pm to 4:00 pm

      • Cafeteria: A collaborative space where students work in clusters on the same assignment and may discuss the work
      • Library: An individual space where students can work alone in a more quiet space
      • Nooks: The tables at the front of the school where sophomores can work collaboratively on CTC course work
      • Math Lab: The teacher bistro room where students can receive assistance with math assignments only
      • CLOSED sessions: A tutoring session in the subject for remediation and delayed assessment. Simply put: you failed and you need serious help
      • OPEN sessions: A freeform session where students may ask questions on current assignments, attempt at a higher score on existing passing work, or any other arranged meetings like getting caught up after an absence. 

    STUDENTS: Fill out the following form here the last few minutes of 4th period to report your tutoring location.


  • Tutoring @ CTC

    COSC 1315: Mondays in CS Lab

    Econ: Mon/Tues room 120 Bldg 113, Fri Academic Studio

    Spanish: Tues/Thurs with Dr. Volle Room 106 Bldg 103

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